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** Please note that Assessment from Outside Karachi is free. However, consultation on Assessment and Further Discussion is paid for 30 minutes. PKR 5000/- is charged which is adjustable if You retain us. **


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This Option is for :

Those who are residing in Karachi and wishing to have a consultation with our Consultant Mr. Abu Bakar Adil (Authorized Agent of RCIC) 


This Option is for :

Those who are residing IN and OUT of Karachi wishing to have a consultation with our Senior Consultant Mr. Adil Ismail (Authorized Agent of RCIC) having more than 18 years of experience in the Immigration Industry.

difference between a free & paid consultation?

Free Consultation [30 minutes]

A free consultation is for those who seek general information about the immigration program. Our consultant will explain to them the procedure and steps involved in the complete process. It does not include a second opinion of your particular situation. The aspirants who wish to then seek an expert advisory on their case may decide accordingly to retain our services for complete processing.

PAID Consultation with Mr. Adil Ismail (Authorized Agent of Govt. of Canada's Approved RCIC | 18+ years Experience)

Since our Professional time and experience are the main core, we do charge for it. During a consultation, our Immigration professional will carefully review your profile and case, explain the whole process and come up with the best possible advice with the assistance of our legal counterpart, specific to your own situation and a budget-friendly strategy that may help you complete your immigration process hassle-free. This consultation fee is totally adjustable in our professional fee if we are retained within one month of consultation. All payments are non-refundable but adjustable.

Mr. Ismail is the most recognised face in the immigration industry in Pakistan and as well the Middle East and has processed more than 16,000+ success applications. Experience Counts!

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