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Under Company Formation or Investment


Setup Your Business/Company in Azerbaijan (Baku)

Residence Permit within 2- 3 Months.

No IELTS - No Huge Paid Up Capital Requirements!


Startup your company and get a Residence Permit in Azerbaijan. The total cost for Company formation, Licensing, Registration, and Attestation with Residence Visa Permit is USD 2500/-  for Applicant. For Family, an additional USD 1000-1500 is required. 

About Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan is located at the border of east-Europe and west-Asia and is the most populated region of the Caucasus. Lying on the Caspian Sea and surrounded by Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran. Azerbaijan is also one of the few transcontinental countries in the world. That Azerbaijan is a multicultural country is the least that we can say.

Azerbaijan is known for the production of world-famous carpets. Azerbaijan was in the past part of the Silk Road. Furthermore, the country is known for its huge oil and gas fields.

Azerbaijan’s economy has seen steady growth in recent years. The country is rich in oil and gas reserves, which account for a large percentage of Azerbaijan’s GDP, and Western companies have invested millions in the development of Azerbaijan’s energy sector in recent years


Azerbaijan has been developing itself in the last few years at an astonishing speed. While country towns keep their classic and typical lifestyle to attract tourists, the capital city, Baku transformed itself completely. In a few years, the city became famous in the region for its architectural highlights, modern business centers, redeveloped transport facilities, etc.


Baku offers you a wide range of sporting facilities, movie theatres, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, festivals, exhibitions, etc.

Most shops are opened seven days a week, opening around 10 AM and close at 7 PM.

For the sports lover, there are a lot of different sports facilities such as soccer, horse riding, water sports, skating, etc.

Budding socialites will be at home among the thriving ex-pat community, relax at the bar, which is mostly opened until midnight or even later or sample the cuisine at restaurants serving Arabic, European, American and Asian cuisine.


Medical services in Azerbaijan have been well developed in the last few years nevertheless it still hasn’t reached the European level. If you need medical service you can consult the yellow pages or ask for information at the tourist information points in Baku. It is necessary to have your assurance card with you before visiting a medical service. Baku has a modern hospital so it is recommended to go to the capital city in case of illness or similar.


Most of the world’s leading banks and their subsidiaries have branches in the whole United Kingdom. Setting up an account is easy, as is transferring money home. You’ll be given a cash card to withdraw money from ATM machines and credit cards are accepted throughout the larger cities in the country. In small villages cash is a more common way of payment.


Houses and apartments are quite cheap in Azerbaijan. In the capital city, Baku, you can rent a rather luxurious apartment with internet, TV, garage, furniture, etc. for 400 USD/Month. Houses are less common in city centers. Most of them are built in the sub-urban and for rent at reasonable prices.



Traveling to and through Azerbaijan isn’t a problem. With the large airport of Baku is getting there no problem. At the airport, you can take a taxi or go by bus to your destination. If you like you can also rent a car at several rental companies in the city.

Cost of Living

Azerbaijan is a rather cheap country to live in because of the low VAT of 18%. Also, the fuel prices are low because of the minimal taxation on it.



Azerbaijan is one of the few countries that have the biggest temperature changes. In the past, winter temperatures of -33 degrees were measured in the mountains while in the summer the highest temperatures measured were around 46 degrees. In normal conditions, the lowlands of Azerbaijan have a subtropical climate, and mountain areas have a tundra climate. The temperatures are in the summer months between 25 and 30 degrees and in the winter months between 0 and 5 degrees. In the mountain areas, temperatures in the winter months go towards -5 degrees.

Company Registration Process in Azerbaijan

Please, visit the following link: and get acquainted with the World Bank information regarding doing business in Azerbaijan.

According to the European Azerbaijan Society, as far as the process of creating a limited company, known as Məhdud Məsuliyyətli Cəmiyyət (MMC) in Azerbaijani, is very simple.

There are five steps for business registration in Azerbaijan:

  • Obtaining the necessary business registration forms

  • Completing the forms (in Azerbaijani language)

  • Legalizing and translating foreign documents

  • Submitting the registration documents and company certificates

  • Opening an Azerbaijani bank account and depositing the capital.

Documents for registering a company in Azerbaijan

When starting a company in Azerbaijan, an investor must prepare the following documents and requirements:

•    articles of association;
•    details about the name and the business address of the company;
•    a notarized lease contract if any;
•    a bank contract which provides details about the account;
•    VAT certificate.

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